GNC Products; Everything you need to know about them


GNC also referred to as General Nutrition Centers is an American retails store that sells health and nutrition related products.  Some of its major products include vitamins, supplements, herbs, sports nutrition, herbs and minerals.

GNC started as a small health food store in downtown and later became a full blown retail store with lots of branches. When it comes to selling steroids, GNC does not sell. This is because of the fact that GNC are not a pharmacy and to be able to buy steroids you need a doctor’s prescription Also most of these substances have been banned and cannot be easily purchased.

For most people who are into bodybuilding and athletes, this is bad news. Then next question then is what is the closest thing to steroids.

This is where GNC comes in with something called Legal Steroids. These are supplements sold by GNC that have the same effect as
steroids on the body but are neither harmful nor causes any long term damage. Some of the benefits include

It helps to restore memory

It helps to reduce body fat

But there are some drugs being sold by GNC that can help you get the muscle mass that you are looking for.

Here are some of them

GNC Pro Performance Amplified Mass .

This is simply a powder and it contains a huge amount of proteins and some other ingredients such as creatine and Beta Anhydrous. Based on reviews from guys using it, it is generally accepted that it works and you can get good results from using it.

The one disadvantage is the taste. It tastes terrible

By using this product, you can be sure of significant increase in muscle gain, increased energy and faster recovery times.

Also there were reported cases of side effects such as breakouts of acne, stomach trouble and in some cases diarrhea. All in all this is a quality product but you should be expected to shell out some top dollars for it as it does not come cheap.



A bottle usually goes for $76.99

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer

This is a protein supplement. But the thing is that it has been heavily linked as a mass and weight gainer.

What this means is that this product simply adds mass to your current bulk. It does not in any way help in the development of muscles. It contains a lot of ingredients. The major functions of these include  essential nutrients and amino acids, they give a massive
energy boost due to the presence of carbohydrates and also sustenance during and after your workouts.

Based from reviews found on other stores, most people had nothing but good things to say about this. But the one thing you need to know
is that is only helps you gain mass. It does not give you that strong muscle abs and body you probably
want Like the above mentioned product, this one does not come  cheap. It costs a hefty $136 for a 10 pounds bag.

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